Call of Duty Mobile Top Weapons with Highest Damage!

call of duty mobile weapons

It is clear by the first glance that the popularity of the Call of Duty Mobile game is mushrooming day by day, after launching on the mobile platforms such as android and iOS.

Therefore, all you need to understand the gameplay first before making any decision of playing the match.

Well, there are various kinds of weapons have been used in this shooting game. In short, you are going to use various kinds of armor and other great features in this game that will take a huge thrill in the matches.

Get ready to start a battle with the other players those are playing around the world that would be totally amazing.

Instead of this, players are able to select their desired avatar along with amazing outfits that would be really attractive.

When you wear the amazing legendry outfits and upgraded avatar then it really looks eye-catching. Therefore, try the classic maps and other great modes that are available in the Call of Duty game.

Now I am going to share some more facts related to the features and the weapons of the Call of Duty mobile game in further paragraphs.

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Unique weapons

Plethora kinds of weapons those are used in the matches of the Call of Duty game. As you are going to play in the mobile then try to pay attention on the sensitivity when you run the game because, due to the lower RAM, every player needs to handle the re-coil of the weapons those take too much time to shoot.

Here are some great options available that you check out about the weapons those will used in the game –

  1. Assault rifle – AK-47 – One of the most popular guns called AK-47 that is counted in the assault rifles. Basically, you can easily use this weapon in order to get kill the people those are near to you. Instead of this, this gun works really quickly and best in the multiplayer battle. People who like to play the battle royale mode then they really like to use this amazing weapon because it is best. It will give the damage of 70 and comes with 55 fire rate.
  2. Sniper Rifle – DL Q33 – If we talk about the DL Q33 sniper rifle, then it is the most basic sniper of the game, but it is dedicated for the multiplayer battles. No doubt, it will take too much time to get reload, but this is fact that if you have this sniper, then you can easily make the headshot in order to kill the people. You can easily use the scope and aim for hitting the enemies from the wide area. It will give the damage of 90, and the fire rate of 15 along with a range of 45 that is really higher.

Finally, we have covered all the great aspects related to the weapons of the Call of Duty game, so you must check it out and start working on it that would be best for you. Moreover, you can earn free cod points to get any of your suitable weapon you want.