Social Quantum Ltd is the top-class strategy game for which all the people from all across the world waiting for. It is the city building games in which players have to create their own city and then make their city classic among all others.

It includes an in-app purchases feature in it by which players easily buy anything in it by spending their real-life money. Also, it includes lots of features in it and about which every single player should know.

The major thing about the game is that in it players have to pay more attention on the growth of population in their city. You have to gather all the taxes, hire more workers to develop their city in the game.

In the game, players have to know that they should complete all the challenges and objectives in it t o earn good amount of megapolis free money.

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3 Classic tips and tricks to know

Here are some main tips and tricks given for the players of Megapolis and all these help users a lot while playing Megapolis –

  • Complete challenges – One should know that there are lots of challenges present in the game which players have to complete in more challenges as to earn currency and also to make progress in it.
  • Connect game with Facebook – Players have to join their game with their Facebook account to get currency in the game. It is the best method to earn currency as well as rewards.
  • Try to invest in parks and monuments – It is the major tip on which players have to pay attention properly. They have to make more investment in monuments and parks so as to make them big.

So, these are the 3 main tips and tricks about which players should know as to make appropriate progress in it.

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