Monster legend is a complete battle game where every user needs to fight with different opponents for achieving many tasks. Each level creates more issues for the player to pass it and to fight strongly.

Also, with that, all the users can reduce their stress and can enjoy every moment. Knowing about some cheats and hacks permits a user to pass every level quickly without facing more issues.

Create a stronger army!

Before going for battling you need to create a stronger army of monsters and needs to create an island. The main island will be your base where you can feed, grow, create, and train army in order to win every fight.

To make a stronger army you need to buy more food packs and need to buy various attacks to train monsters.

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Collect more currencies

Mainly three types of currency are used in Monster Legends- mobile game, from which you can purchase various items. Each currency has its role in the game for purchasing different items and for clearing the level. Three types of currencies are: –

    • Gems
    • Food
    • Gold
  1. Gems are considered as the primary currency of the game from which you can upgrade various monster skills and ages. it is tough to collect this currency but there are many monster legends cheats available to collect them more.
  2. Food is essential for every monster to increase strength, power, and skills. It helps a user to create a stronger army based on different packs. Collecting more eggs from gems or golds allows you to gain more food.
  3. Whereas if we talk about gold than it can be collect by fulfilling various tasks. Like one needs to pass the level and need to collect daily reward to earn helps them to buy necessary actions to upgrade and become a master player.

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